Stacey Atkinson

Stacey Atkinson is a dance lecturer, education and community specialist and artist. She works with people of all ages and abilities, in theatre and sited settings, in order to create an inclusive practice. Stacey's approach is collaborative, and she often works with visual artists, composers, poets and academics to shape abstract narratives.

Lara Eggleton

Lara Eggleton is a writer, historian, editor, arts consultant and managing editor at Corridor8. She is a contributing writer for a range of art journals and writing platforms and holds a PhD in Art History from the University of Leeds.

Scott Farlow

Scott Farlow is a socially engaged multimedia artist, poet and teacher. His versatile practice draws deeply, gently and collectively on the extraordinary of the ordinary and the complex, ever-changing landscapes and narratives of everyday life and lived experiences.

Daisy Hildyard

Daisy Hildyard is an author and academic who works on literature and the environment. Her latest book, The Second Body (2017), is an essay on how the Anthropocene affects personal experiences.

Jon Hughes

Jon Hughes is a sound artist, composer, choir leader and researcher, working collaboratively with practitioners from a wide range of fields including dance, visual arts, theatre, biology, physics and archaeology.

Dominic O’Key

Dominic O’Key holds a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds. He researches the cultural meanings of the Sixth Extinction.

Laurence Payot

Laurence Payot is a French-born socially engaged and digital artist. She works collaboratively with communities, other artists, and academics to create multilayered projects, weaving personal stories within collective narratives.

Anna Souter

Anna Souter is a writer, researcher and curator with an interest in the intersections between contemporary art and ecology. Her published writings span fiction, essays and criticism, and she is currently working on her first novel.

Stefan Skrimshire

Stefan Skrimshire is an associate professor in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds. He teaches and writes about the religious dimensions of ecological emergency and activism.

Laura Spark

Laura Spark applies animation across theatre, installation and film, veering from the symbolic and elated, the haunting and visceral, to the playful and inclusive. Laura has created content for numerous art and theatre projects, directed music videos and worked with local community projects.

Workshop Participants

Workshop participants

Abdalla Khalid, Ailie Rutherford, Alicja Gahan, Alsa, Anita Chamberlain, Anna Bunney, Anna Gahan, Annette Catterall, Annie Naylor, Anouk Ward, Bella Meredith, Bryn Parnwell-Phillips, Camille Macquin, Charlie Short, Clare Jefferson Jones, Cyrille, Dominic O’Key, Eli Short, Eline Tabak, Elle Burgoyne, Elsa Atkinson, Emma Hampson, Enzo Ward, Estefanía Cadena, Fergus Rutherford Moyler, Franek Czarczynski, Gitte Westergaard, Glynis, Gona, Hannah Lee-Chalk, Holly Pitt Knowles, Iman, Imogen Catterall, Indigo Hall, Ingrid Whitehead, Isabella Meredith, Isabelle Taylor, Ivor Whitehead, Jake Cox, Jayden Snutch, Jesse Short, Jessica Burgess, Jessica Mallard, Jila, Jon, Jonah Skrimshire, Joseph Hampson, Joyce, Karen Van Diesen, Katarzyna Czarczynska, Kemanie, Kirsty Gbasai , Kirsty Hall, Lara Eggleton, Lex Ward, Libby Naylor, Lillia Adetoro, Mary Parnwell, Marie, Marta Mortimer, Mustafa, Nathaniel, Nawal, Neil Eckersley, Niamh Fahy, Nimah Begum, Olivia Clarke, Omar, Parang Khezri, Paul Conlon, Paul Jones, Penny Whitehead, Rachel Hampson, Rachel Webster, Samira, Serenella, Sharon Adetoro, Shonagh Short, Simeon Ward, Sindy Richardson, Sophie Millar, Stefan Skrimshire, Suda, Szymon Czarczynski, Theo Gbasai, Tofsina, Tomas Demisevicius, Tony, Vicky Tyrrell, Yohannes, Zahida, Zhila

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